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Insurance with no Medicals

Need an insurance or funeral plan but put off by all the forms? Tired of ever-increasing premiums, particularly in older years? Do you want to ensure that costs are taken care of on your death? If you are a New Zealand resident, you can get an immediate quote online and even complete your application on this site.

There are two options:

  • Golden Life Plan is a level premium insurance plan up to $50,000 per person aged 20 to 79. Premiums and cover are fixed and are payable for life. (Premiums will cease at age 85 if the entry age is 70 or under.)
    (For more detail see Golden Life Key points)
  • Funeral Fund Cover is a fixed sum for ten years for $12,000 per person aged 16 to 64. (Plus children 10+ - $6,000 or under 10 - $2000 at time of death)
    (For more detail, see Funeral Fund Cover Key points)

Both plans are cost-effective with a simple application process.

  • You select the premium or the cover you would like for each life, subject to premium and age maximums.
  • Cover can be for one or two lives
  • No evidence of health is needed. There is only one medical declaration for Golden Life.

The Medical Declaration is:

"I/We confirm that I/we have not been diagnosed with any illness or disease that is expected to cause death within 12 months."

Golden Life and/or the Funeral Plan is ideal for persons who:

  • Want a simple funeral plan.
  • Want life cover where future premiums and cover do not change.
  • Do not want the hassle of medical checks.
  • Want cover for existing medical conditions with no loadings or exclusions
  • Have been turned down by other Insurers for any reason.

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The Golden Life and Funeral Plans have been designed and are provided by FidelityLife Insurance, who are the largest New Zealand owned provider of Personal Risk Insurance in New Zealand. This site is offered by Costello Financial Services (established 1970), as a cost effective source of Insurance products many New Zealanders need. Other online Financial Service sites are listed here.