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Golden Life

Key Points


  • The entry age is between 20 and 79.
  • There is no expiry age. As long as premiums are paid the policy will stay in force.


  • Payable fortnightly or monthly.
  • There are no premium increases. The amount of cover also remains level.
  • Select a suitable monthly premium up to $200 (subject to maximum cover of $50,000 per person).
  • The first month’s premium is waived (please note that the sum payable on non-accidental death is based on premiums actually paid).
  • Cover is renewable each year at the option of the Policy Owner.
  • Premiums will cease at age 85 if policy commences before age 70.
  • Premiums continue for life if policy commences after age 70.


  • Cover can be for one or two lives.
  • You select the premium you would like to pay for each life (subject to age).
  • The amount of cover is determine by the premium selected and your age at the commencement of your cover.
  • Maximum cover $50,000 per person.

Main Benefit

Year One

You are fully covered for the full sum insured should you die by accidental death* in year one of the plan. If you die from natural causes Fidelity Life will refund all premiums paid.

Year Two

In the second year of the plan you are fully covered should you die by accidental death*. If you die from natural causes Fidelity Life will pay one and a half times the premiums paid.

Year Three

From year three onwards you are fully covered for both accidental or death by natural causes.

* "Accidental death" is defined as "death caused solely and directly by violent, accidental, external and visible means within 12 months of an accident"

* "Death by Natural Causes" means death other than Accidental Death. Suicide is excluded in the first 13 months

See Policy Wording.

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