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Needs Calculator

This calculates how much life insurance you may need to safeguard your family's future.

Fill in the fields indicated with the arrow ◀.

The example column is based on a retired couple and is only a guide.

Possible Expenses on death
Funeral and Administration Costs (suggest min $8000)
Overdraft, Personal loans, Credit cards, Store cards, HP
Outstanding Tax, GST, rates.
Total Mortgages to pay
Other (including childrens education, wedding etc)
Total expenses
Realisable Assets
Cash, Savings, Investments
Sale of vehicle, shares etc
Existing Life Insurance (Do not enter if this is to replaced by this application)
Total realisable assets
Total Life Insurance cover suggested

Note: The maximum Life cover available through Golden Life. is $50,000

If you need more cover obtain a quote through or or contact us.

A funeral grant is available through WINZ which contributes to funeral costs for families meeting their criteria. This grant is means tested and will not cover the entire cost of a funeral. ACC will contribute to the cost of a funeral if the death has been as the result of an accident.


This calculator is designed to estimate what lump sum amount your family may need on your death.

Availability of insurance cover is subject to acceptance and approval of a completed application.

This calculator does not constitute an offer of insurance.

Funeral Costs

Firstly there is the funeral director's fee, called a professional service fee. This fee includes:

  • taking instructions from the family
  • transporting the deceased
  • preparing, embalming and casketing the deceased
  • arranging the service
  • printing the service sheets
  • liaising with the florist, minister or celebrant
  • organising newspaper notices
  • liaising with the council regarding a burial plot
  • liaising with a crematorium
  • providing authorities with the death certificate and burial/cremation information

This fee also covers premises, vehicles, staff salaries and the need to provide a 24 hour service. Other costs contributing to a funeral account are the costs associated with a burial (such as the purchasing of a plot) or a cremation.

Costs vary so we recommend you contact a local Funeral Director and ask for a quote for a service that meets your needs.