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Q: What happens if I die within two years of taking out the policy?

A: If you die as a result of an accident, the full sum assured is paid. If you die for any other reason other than suicide within 12 months, your premiums are repaid, and between 12 and 24 months one and half times the premiums paid. Full payment of the sum assured is paid from year three onwards.

Q: What does "level premiums and cover" mean?

A: Level premium and cover means that the premium and cover set at the start of the policy will not change during the life of the policy. This means that the premiums may initially be higher than other policies in the market which are priced based on age and increase each year.

Q: Is the information which we enter safe on this site?

A: It is as safe as any other secure internet site. Any information collected by Golden Life or FidelityLife via this site, is treated as strictly confidential, and can only be released to you. No information is stored on this site.

Q: What happens when the insured family member dies?

A: In a case of premature death of a family's main or supplementary "bread winner" the first major problem faced by a family would be the repayment of all outstanding debt (mortgages, personal loans, taxes and funeral expenses). Repayment of such debt can be covered by adequate life insurance cover. The Needs Calculator attempts to ensure adequate cover is provided.

Consideration needs to be given to:

  1. The period dependent children remain as part of the household
  2. The likely years, if any, of employment of the surviving partner.
  3. The period in retirement.
  4. The cost of funeral expenses and estate administration.

Q: How can we solve the problem?

A: Use the Needs calculator which identifies the elements to assist you calculate the sum of insurance required to meet all immediate costs - plus the repayment of personal debt and or liabilities. Click here.