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Why Golden Life?

Knowing from the outset that your insurance plan will not only provide security through life but also remain affordable is valuable.

Golden Life is a level premium plan that offers certainty and simplicity. It is suitable for anyone from age 20 to 79 who wishes to leave a lump sum benefit on their death.

The Golden Life Plan is ideal for providing security for ongoing liabilities and ensuring funds are available after your death to cover funeral expenses and estate administration, or to leave a cash lump sum to assist with family commitments such as education.

The Funeral Fund Cover is ideal for those aged 16 - 64 who wish to prepay their funeral and other costs, while still earning over a 10 year period, so that the fund is available to pay for the expenses whenever they arise.

Full details of the benefits are provided on this site including complete policy wording.

We suggest you follow this process:

  1. Read the Keypoints and Full Policy wording for GoldenLife (policy wording) and/or Funeral Fund Cover (policy wording).
  2. Determine how much insurance you would like - use the Needs Calculator
  3. Get the cost - use the Quote Calculator
  4. Adjust to meet your budget - what you can afford
  5. Complete the application form online or print and complete offline
  6. Print, check, sign and mail to Golden Life
  7. Check policy documents and schedules on receipt from FidelityLife.
  8. Make claims when required - see Claims
  9. Review that your policies are adequate regularly or as your Life changes - see Review below.

No payments are required or will be deducted until the application has been received and the policy has been underwritten. Under the Consumers Guarantee act you are also entitled to a 15 Day free look.


Golden Life recommends that you review your insurance needs and policies regularly or whenever a major change in circumstances occurs. Examples may be:

  • Buying a home or another property
  • The birth of a child
  • Starting a new job
  • Buying or starting a business
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Retirement

Your review could include re-entering your information into the Needs calculator.