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You choose the cover you need up to $50,000 ("Sum Insured"), and the calculator will quote your monthly premium.

Premiums and cover remain the same and will not increase while the policy is in force.

The minimum premium for any Golden Life cover is NZD $17.33 per month per person and the maximum premium is NZD $200. per month per person.

The minimum Sum Insured is NZD $500 and the maximum Sum Insured is $50,000.

Call Costello Financial Services on 0800 269 543 for more information.

Golden Life Plan

Golden Life is a level premium insurance plan up to $50,000 per person aged 20 to 79. Premiums and cover are fixed and are payable for life. (For more detail see Golden Life Key points)

Funeral Fund

Funeral Fund is an alternative plan available from Costello Financial Services. Funeral Fund offers a fixed sum for ten years for $12,000 per person aged 16 to 64. (Plus children 10+ - $6,000, or under 10 - $2000 at time of death).

For more detail see Funeral Fund Rates (table of costs) and Funeral Fund Key points. When you are ready, you may obtain the PDF to apply for a Funeral Fund here.